About me

Baking and Sugar Art

Ros at Paul Bradford's

Like many little girls I learned to bake with my Granny. She handed down to me many family recipes that I still bake to this day.

I was lucky enough to train at the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School and I've turned the skills I learned into my profession. I have a talent for creating the most extraordinary and wonderful (and tempting!) cake designs.

I bake for many occasions - birthdays, baby showers, hen parties - but my absolute favourite is a wedding cake. I just love being part of the excitement of a wedding!

Cups Tearoom

Since I was a little girl I dreamed of opening my own tearoom. For many years I worked at Dounreay and I always enjoyed baking, cooking for my family and had dabbled at decorating cakes. One day the opportunity arose and the right premises was available, so I grabbed it with both hands!

Cups Tearoom

In the summer of 2012 I opened Cups Tearoom, a vintage tea shop serving tea and scones, the finest local produce and real home baking. Everything was served on vintage bone china, our counter was styled like an old dresser and the tea room was decorated in 'dolly mixture' pastel tones. We also sold bespoke celebration cakes and I developed a flair for sugar art.

Myself and my husband (Mr. Cups!) met so many lovely people in the tea room - from all over the world. Our staff (affectionately known as 'The Tea Set') became like family and we had a blast working there. I was living the dream!!

The tea room went from strength-to-strength, as did the celebration cakes! But the work was hard and the days were long. Something had to give. It wasn't an easy decision to make but I decided to concentrate on my real passion - caking!